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I am offering you a Helping Hand to support you in this stage of your life. If you are going through a rough patch right now, you may feel stuck, anxious, and with lots of self doubt. I would love to support you in a meaningful and efficient way. With this effective professional assessment, you will save time, energy and money on numerous coaching sessions by identifying the root of what is causing you to feel stuck, insecure, and with fear of making decisions.

I work one on one with clients to help them expand their ideas of what's possible, both personally and professionally. We'll work together to develop a detailed action plan for achieving new levels of performance and happiness. Sessions are either weekly or bi-weekly by phone or video conference.

Who are you- how are you showing up in your daily life, how does it contrast when stress hits you in the face...

Understanding your natural self, vs your stress crazy person

If you are curious and brave to Know where you stand today in your life this the tool you need!

It is a termómetro to assess your energy levels

Uncover Gail’s and the result is an X-ray of how do you show up in your life.

Recommended for brave people that want to have absolute clarity and assess, evaluate and take charge of their lives! People that want to make changes and don’t know where to start- if you allow this termometer to assess your level of energy, and want answers- the assessment results is the the X-ray . It is a 10 page X-ray with a visual snapshot of your natural and automatic energy and when stress hits you in the face...

STOP snuggling with certainty

The Fast Track Coaching Bundle consists of:

1. Scientific and Evidenced Based Professional Assessment:

-It is called Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)~$100 Value~

-70 Questions designed to assess your current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors that affect all aspects of your life, including the quality of your personal and business relationships.

-Listed in Forbes Top 11 Assessments every Professional Should Take.

-Unveil how conscious and unconscious thinking, assumptions, interpretations and limited beliefs may be creating stress for you.

-Uncover any internal blind spots that may be blocking you from success in life and relationships.

- Get an accurate snapshot of how you show up in your daily life vs. how you think, feel and behave when stress triggers you.

-Obtain clarity to unanswered questions within yourself and make life decisions wisely.

2. One 60 Minute Personalized Debriefing session:

-Dive deep on a 1:1 debriefing session with me were we will discuss the results of your assessment. ~$150 Value~

-Focus on how your current perspectives may be affecting your approach and satisfaction with personal and business relationships.

-My clients have been telling me that the amount of insights they got from this type of session was unbelievable, so you’d better prepare yourself for some deep “A-ha” moments.

-Homework: You will have time to reflect and digest what you experience in the debriefing session.  Journaling and self reflection of your short term goals is recommended before the following coaching session so that you get the maximum value of this powerful experience.

3. One 30 minutes coaching session:

-Discuss short term goals, and explore strategy and tactics to reach them. ~$75~

-Explore ways to mitigate and lower your stress levels,

With this compact and powerful overall 90 minute coaching bundle you will gain so much clarity, and will feel more assertive when making life decisions.  It may be the support you need at this time, OR it may be the beginning of a longer coaching relationship. I am offering a special discount, click below for more information.

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I offer 3 months and 6 months coaching options as well. Please contact me, and I will give you more specific information according to your specific needs.

You can reach me at

Overview of 3 Months Coaching Packages:

-Fast Track Coaching Bundle

-Six to Twelve (60 minute) Core Energy Coaching Sessions

-Accountability partner services: Hold you accountable so that you can move forward and achieve your goals.

-Specialized Training and Workinars

-Ongoing Support via technology