Why Work with Me?


Certified Professional Coach, Fun Trainer, and Accountability Partner

  • I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained by IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching)- This is one of the most prominent coaching schools in the US and accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

  • Trusted partner: We will have a coaching relationship based on respect, confidentiality, non-judgment, and safe communication and connection.

  • My coaching style is a blend of compassion, boldness and intuition, and I love transforming my clients from a place of hesitation to a joyful and confident self.

  • I will hold a space for you where your heart can exhale, take your big armor down, embrace vulnerability, and reconnect with your inner being.

  • I will ask empowering questions to dig deep into those blind spots that may be the ones holding you back from the life you’ve always envision for yourself.

  • I will teach you how to manage your energy and necessary mindset tools to overcome emotional reactivity when dealing with daily challenges.

  • I will Teach you how Cultivate your Inner Garden of Self love...

  • I will Teach you Gratitude Living so that you nurture your life now and live gracefully with laughter and joy.

  • I will facilitate goal settings structures so that you can design the right goals for you, and we will develop action plans to achieve them

  • I will be your accountability partner in your personal development journey. I will hold you accountable to the goals you’ve designed for yourself so that you feel accomplished with your progress toward your unique success.

  • Master Practitioner in their Energy Leadership Index assessment

  • Conduct myself in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics in all interactions, including coach training, coach mentoring and coach supervisory activities.

  • Accurately identify my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience, training, certifications and ICF Credentials

My Commitment & Vision

  • Spread Seeds of Self reflection so that you remember what is important to you today!

  • Water seeds of Self Reflection and Have the Courage to be Vulnerable and honest with yourSELF!

  • Cultivate Gratitude Living and Experience Joy

  • Remember your Courage, Confidence, Self Respect and Self Worth!

  • Access your Joy Triggers to live the life you’ve always envision for yourself!

  • Model your Best Self to your children so that you are inspirational to everyone around you!


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What I Value:

  • Walk the Walk Principle- I value authenticity and integrity. Therefore, all the stories, strategies, tactics, and techniques that I share with you have been successful for me. I practice what I teach and

  • Your Confidentiality and Privacy- The technology systems used in my coaching practice minimize risk of information being compromised. All of your personal information, conversations and communications are safe, confidential and meet HIPAA standards.

  • Accredited Continued Education- I am a student of life and love to learn! I think I will die learning new things… I am committed to learning new ways to serve and support your growth and development.

  • Our Coaching Relationship: