Why Personal Energy Matters?

What is the definition of energy? Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

As a happy single mom of a 4-year-old, I am very aware of my energy and time. Why? My time is very limited and I want to have the strength and vitality to raise a high energy 4-year-old girl, that demands her mommy to be in her top game!

In the process of figuring out, I realized that I cannot do it all. I want to be a superwoman, but I’ve tried long and hard and truly it does not work for me. Therefore, I have become an energy strategizer sort to speak. I became obsessed with energy learning and how to manage it.

You see the way I see it is that from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them, you have a certain amount of limited energy and limited time.

Therefore, how do we use our limited resources to the maximum potential and at the same time accomplish our goals? Hmm... It does not have to do with time management only. You can be an expert in time management, and if you don’t have the personal energy to fulfill your commitments things may not get done. Do you agree?

To illustrate my thought, I use the analogy of bank deposits and withdraws. Let’s imagine that every day there is a magical deposit of $100 tokens of energy. And we know how much time we are awake, right?

Time= Your Waking Hours

Energy= $100 tokens a day

The way it works is that deposits are a given every single day, and your daily actions will count as withdraw of those tokens. If you know you only have 100 tokens of energy daily and x amount of waking hours. Would you choose your daily actions wisely?

What happens if you use all of your energy? What are the consequences of not having enough energy? Who do you want to spend your time and energy with? How much energy you have left for your family life? Hmm...

I believe it all comes down to acute awareness! Being aware of yourself. Getting to know yourself better, acknowledge what is truly important to you in this stage of life, and allocating the appropriate time and energy resources to create the life you want to enjoy. My purpose for this column is to create value by offering food for thought content. I hope it makes you self reflect!