Learning how to manage your personal energy is crucial to your motivation, and performance throughout your day and underlies your ability to connect in personal relationships.
— S. Rodriguez

Why Energy matters?

  • Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

  • It’s the amount of physical and mental capacity you have to do what your mind and body wants you to do. 

  • Everything you do requires energy and has an energetic and emotional charge.

  • Energy influences how we act because it forms the “lens” through which we perceive the world.

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Does stress affect your personal energy? Absolutely

There are two major triggers that affect your energy:

  1. The Amount of Stress (anxiety/tension)

  2. The Degree of Engagement (motivation/desire/buy-in) you have in relation to the particular activity.

    When you feel energized, you experience Anabolic Energy which is constructive and enthusiastic energy. You will feel motivated and stimulated by a specific situation, person or activity or relationship.

On the contrary, when you feel drained and depleted you are experiencing Catabolic Energy. This type of energy releases chemicals such as cortisol, and adrenaline which is destructive to our well being and all relationships.


What is Core Energy™ Coaching?

Discovered and developed by iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) founder, Bruce D Schneider, the Core Energy Coaching process is founded on more than 10,000 hours of research and application over the course of 30 years. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mentoring, consulting, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and theories of conscious evolution.

The Core Energy Coach:

  • Guides the coaching process and ask specific questions to clients with the intention of igniting deep reflection to uncover defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs unconsciously picked up from family, society, and the media. Many of these thoughts and feelings live under the surface, hidden from the client’s awareness, and are huge drivers of unproductive choices and behaviors.

  • Educates clients about 7 Energy Levels/Consciousness, Energy Blocks, and explore inner blind spots that may be the root of most challenges and blocks to success in life and relationships.

  • Empowers women to dig deep, honestly, and objectively into their energy blocks and mental programming in order to assess who they are and who they want to become in their relationship with self and people they love. 

  • Evidenced Based Coaching Approach: A 2018 quantitative research study provides clear evidence that a shift in core energy is a primary driver of positive change in the individual life potential.

  • Guide clients to tap into their inner purpose and passion, and connect with their outer goals and tasks to bring sustainable results.

  • Mrs. Rodriguez is also Certified as an (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner) ELI-MP, and facilitates an attitudinal assessment (Energy Leadership Index) that will provide an accurate snapshot of how you show up in your daily life vs. how you think, feel and behave when stress triggers you.


Choose to Reinvent your Life NOW!

Choose to Reinvent your Life NOW!