My Story!

Unshakable Optimist that loves to dance even if it’s raining!

  • Life Explorer, collector of life experiences that have lived in 5 States in the US.

  • Hopeful Romantic, Realistic Dreamer who loves to laugh, and see life as a celebration!

  • Believe in self reflection that leads to self awareness and making Meaningful changes for a Joyful life.

  • Lived many life storms but always hope for the rainbows to come out, and guess what it ALWAYS happens!

  • A life changing moment ~ when a close extended family member went to hospice care battling breast cancer for 20 years, she confessed how much she regretted not living her dreams. At that moment, I received the gift of Profound perspective about how short and Fragile our lives are and how our time is so limited. It made me realized how much time we consume on things that do not make us happy.

  • After two non-happy ever after marriages, I learned that I’ve been chasing love in the wrong places. After severe heartbreak, I realized that I cannot rely on somebody else to make me happy. I AM THE ONE responsible for my own happiness! It starts with committing loyal love to my needs, listening to my intuition, establishing strong boundaries, stop pleasing others, and designing a life that fills me with joy. I learned to commit to grief, heal and rise to the best version of myself and model a self loving relationship to my daughter so that she can blossom faster in life.

I am An Elegant Warrior Living Life With Grit And Grace
— Socary Rodriguez


My Why…

A devoted single mom to a little lady that fills my heart every moment!

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My Mission is to spread seeds of self awareness to women, by cultivating the idea of falling in love with themselves first, and guiding them to take committed action so that they blossom in their one and only life.

Being a mom has been the pinnacle of my life. I’ve had profound introspection about what I want to model my daughter. We all absorbed good, bad and ugly beliefs from family relationships, and external influencers and tend to carry societal unspoken myths and rules at a conscious and/or subconscious level.

My Vision is to inspire women to choose to extract the weeds that are stopping their personal growth, so that they feel free to blossom and stop the generational passing of weeds of pain and struggles to their children.

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Who is Socary?

Certified Relationship Coach & Mentor, Fun Trainer, and your Accountability Partner

  • A designated Energy Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index assessment

  • Your Trusted Partner: I nurture a coaching relationship based on respect, confidentiality, and non-judgment. You will be safe, and able to take your armor down, embrace vulnerability, and reconnect with your inner being.

  • My coaching style is a blend of compassion, boldness and intuition, and I love transforming my clients from a place of fear and worry to a joyful, courageous and confident self!

  • My job is to dig deep into your uninvestigated blind spots that may be the ones holding you back from the life and relationships you’ve always envision for yourself.

  • Your Mindset and Gratitude Trainer: I love to train my clients on how to manage their personal energy and show them mindset tools to overcome emotional reactivity when dealing with life and relationship challenges.

  • Facilitate goal settings structures so that clients design the right goals for them, and develop action plans to achieve specific goals.

  • Your reinvention strategist & accountability partner in your personal development journey. I will hold you accountable to the goals you’ve designed for yourself so that you feel accomplished with your progress toward your unique success.


What my clients are saying!

I had the pleasure of working with my coach Socary for the past 3 months and I am amazed at the clarity that she is able to lead me into about my business and personal life. She is able to illuminate things in such a way that I am able to see the solutions to my own problems. Her laughter is contagious and her authenticity uplifting! ~ Charlotte, NC

I felt overwhelmed and lost. I had a strong desire and felt determination to reach my business and life goals. However, I couldn't translate the desire and determination into action. Something was disconnected.

After just one month of working with Socary, I felt focus and direction in my business plans as I have never felt before. I was able to understand what parts of my personal life I needed to work on to reach my business goals. I actually accomplished more in just one month than the previous 2 years! I am off to the races now with Socary's help! Chicago, IL



We do not realize how much our experiences determine how we react to different situations; personal, and professional. After working with Socary for 3 months, I can feel the difference in my approach to things at home and at work. For example, now I have set of non-negotiables for my relationship and family activities that will keep us together. ~Raleigh, NC